Your body isn't static
Your orthotic shouldn't be either

Gyrafit’s adjustable orthotic gives you an instant, customised corrective adjustment, and can be re-adjusted throughout your patients' recovery.

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45% of the population suffer from misalignment in their feet

Orthotic insole solutions you can diagnose and fit immediately

Whether you are busy with post surgery/injury rehabilitation or treating pain caused by deteriorating misalignment, our insole orthotic solution offers you a convenient, quick and easy in-house solution for you and your patients.

Insole orthotics that work with your treatment program

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Simple, fast digital aided measurement, recording and recovery tracking

Gyrafit's free app will help you measure the exact angle of correction needed as well as give you and your patient a visual record of your treatment effectiveness over time.

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Dynamic, customisable and adjustable insole orthotics, on demand

Satisfy your patients' alignment needs with one simple solution

Time saving

Time is money for both you and your patient. Gyrafit means no longer waiting for outsourced solutions after diagnosis.

In-house treatment

Maintain control over your patient's recovery by providing solutions in-house.

Increased income

Increase income from your existing client base; delivering added benefit and services.