About Gyrafit

Marcel Wadman a respected bio-mechanical podiatrist specialist in London the UK called on his cousin Alexis, an experienced inventor and industrial designer. Frustrated with the status quo he described the challenges he was facing with custom made insole orthotics.

Both sharing a life long mission of improving the quality of life for all, they decided to tackle these problems and create a simple solution that would be both easy to use and effective, making insole orthotics more accessible to more people.

After inventing and making this revolutionary new product they teamed up with some tech and business savvy guys and a girl to make their solution more interactive and take it to market. Many of Marcel patients come to him from physiotherapists who are usually the first point of contact when the patient is feeling pain and decides to do something about it. He noticed that over 60% of the referrals could very easily be treated by the physiotherapist in their practice and its known that in most cases orthotics together with a physiotherapist treatment program are more effective in alleviating pain and helping with recovery.

A perfect match, podiatrists are still key players and specialists in more serious and even extreme cases, but for most people suffering from misalignment, caused by obesity, getting older or suddenly becoming more active, would best be treated by someone who see them more frequently.

Gyrafit is looking to partner with physiotherapist, chiropractors and podiatrist from all around the world to help relieve more people from pains caused by misalignment, one step at a time.

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Alexis Wadman

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